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Jens Raun

With his 42+ years of business experience holding positions such as CEO, Sales & Marketing Executive, International Business Development Manager, Global Account Manager, IT Manager, Systems Development Manager and  IT Program Manager, covering all sizes of businesses from small technology start-up businesses, small to medium sized “brick-&-mortar” / “online-only” businesses, large technology & telco businesses, up to global IT vendor & technology enterprise businesses – Jens is the guy who can help you, he will quickly understand the business issues and problems you are facing and come up with recommendations for how you best move your business forward.

“Business is always about finding the best solution to the problem your customer is experiencing while not forgetting the human aspect – any business dealings are at the end of the day humans communicating with humans reaching a mutual win-win outcome”

Jens – aka “Mr Cool’ – Raun

Some of Jens Raun’s past clients:

Alan Girle
Australian Business Lawyers & Advisors
Zoe Brereton
Brereton Lawyers
Patrick Cranshaw
Mortgage Broker

North Brisbane Home Loans

Robin Fick
Sales & Marketing Consultant
Ray White – Coomera

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