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Jens – aka “Mr Cool” – Raun’s

Blogging Website

Welcome to my personal Blogging Website!

I have decided to scale down on my FACEBOOK activities meaning I will NOT CREATE PERSONAL RELATED POSTS on Facebook but only create Facebook posts on subjects (mostly on new technologies and developments) that I find of interest and would like to share with the world. I have also (after many thoughts) decided to UNFOLLOWED MY FRIENDS on Facebook so I will no longer be able to read general posts from friends (you might still see that I have been on Facebook, but it is only to follow posts/news/updates in the closed special-interest-groups that I am a member of).

If you got something you want to share with me then just pop me a private message on Facebook, TwitterLinkedin, use one of the many popular messaging apps that I have active on my phone (e.g. WhatsApp, WeChat, Google Allo, Signal, Telegram & Line), drop me an old fashion email or use the Contact Form on this website’s Contact Page.

If you want to know

  • what I am up to
  • where I am
  • what new technologies I find interesting (and perhaps learn a bit about them yourself if it is all new to you)
  • what my opinion is on different issues

then just continue to my Blog Page.

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